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living in  another country  is amazing.

Traveling to another country  is great... 

Local Living Journeys are for those who wish to slow down and fully immerse themselves in a culture and a region. It’s difficult to feel a connection to any place when you’re staying in a different hotel every night. Local Living trips are center-based, which means you stay in one location for the majority of your trip. What sort of locations? Agriturismos, family homes, and converted farmhouses. Local Living hosts are on hand to introduce guests to both legendary and  lesser-known places. Discover life as it’s lived every day. All journeys have a philanthropic component, a "give-back" element that benefits the local community. 

Local Living: Sorrento
Local Living: Italy's Amalfi Coast Walks
Local Living: Tuscany
Local Living; Croatia


Latin America 
Local Living: Ecuador

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