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What if going on vacation was your way of giving back?

Travel changes people...people change the world.

Our purpose: to create your perfect, memorable, immersive, fun journey, which uplifts you, and the people you meet.

Your purpose: to explore, experience, have fun, learn, recharge, engage with and uplift the people you meet. 


Make a difference...
simply by having the time of your life.

Once you come to know a country, you become aware of what it has to offer the world, and what you could do to help the people and wildlife that call it home. 

Each Purposeful Travel journey includes a giveback experience or component. By choosing where we stop for lunch, overnight or who we hire on the ground, we support local projects which train and employ community members. Additionally, a percentage of each journey goes to such vital initiatives as rain water catchment tanks or safe cooking systems.

By choosing a Purposeful Travel journey, you are ensuring that your visit does not go unnoticed. You will leave a legacy, an assist, a hand forever stretched out in compassion and friendship.

About us 

The team at Purposeful Travel believes that travel can also be a win-win where both visitor and visited positively impact each others lives. 


After many years of traveling for pleasure, business and as members of the tourism industry, we decided our giveback mission would be to offer other travelers fantastic journeys to amazing world destinations; journeys that also benefit the people in those destinations.


By including experiences that are locally staffed, operated and catered, your trip becomes a way of redistributing wealth. No longer a tourist, you become part of a global community of proactive travelers dedicated to social and economic change.


Purposeful Travel journeys include first hand experience with a range of diverse projects, and travelers tell us that exposure to these local community enterprises greatly increased their trip satisfaction, sense of cultural immersion and connection. 

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