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The Path of the Gods

It's pretty hard to resist a hike with a name like that, agree? Especially upon learning that the hike is in the Amalfi region of Italy. Not to mention that the Path of the Gods walk is just one of four stellar day hikes included on our one week trip in the company of fun, interesting people from all over. And that we'll drink excellent local wine at the end of the day. In the hot tub. Followed by a farm to table meal featuring local dishes served by the owners of our agriturismo, a converted 17th century monastery. When eyelids start to droop, we'll toddle off to our comfortable beds just steps away.

Day hiking from a single location is a delightful way to explore a region without having to carry a heavy pack, or camp out. Unlike multi-day one way hikes, if we feel like skipping a hike to catch up on reading or get a spa treatment, why not? If the weather doesn't co-operate, there is no need to tough it out; we'll just sit it out.

When we're not hiking, we'll tour Pompeii and Naples, opt for a boat excursion to Capri to see the famous Blue Grotto, or shop and sip Limoncello in Positano.

And, best of all, enjoy each other's company.


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