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Keep calm and go to Costa Rica

Or maybe I should have said: Keep calm by going to Costa Rica. For a destination with so many adrenaline rousing activities, so many opportunities to zip through the air, jump off cliffs into waterfalls or ride the rapids, a trip to Costa Rica is strangely relaxing.

Is it the people?

Ticos (or Ticas if you refer to females) are laid back and after a few days of rushing around like a Tasmanian devil, that laid backness will rub off on you, too. After all, you'll find yourself asking, what is the rush? Why not manana? Consider this explanation a typically warm and friendly Tica gave me of the different degrees of the concept 'now' in Costa Rica:

Ahora means now, in reality, sometime in the next two hours. Ahorita means in a while, probably sometime later today.

Ahoritica means it might happen in a while, but more likely, it won’t happen at all. Don't hold your breath.

Is it the sloths?

Of all the stunning and exotic wildlife to be found in Costa Rica including monkeys, toucans, tapirs and ocelots, the sloth is indisputably the most relaxed. This is how relaxed sloths are: they only poop once a week. Or maybe it just takes them that long to get down from their tree. In any event, watching a sloth is pure meditation and relaxes human beings. After 30 minutes of observation your breath has become even and deep, your heartbeat has slowed and your mind is clear. You are zen. Not only can sloths help you get off your blood pressure meds, but they spend 90% of their time upside down and can turn their heads 270 degrees.

Is it the rainforest?

Rainforests are the lungs of the planet; they produce 40% of the world's oxygen. So it stands to reason that in Costa Rica, where 51% of its land mass is forested, you'll find some very high quality air. Not only is a walk through a verdant rainforest a serene experience where you may encounter unique wildlife, but, just by breathing, you'll be undergoing a major detox.

Does it matter? For whatever reason, you'll come back from a trip to Costa Rica rejuvenated, refreshed, restored and relaxed. It's that sort of special place; a nature lovers paradise with great coffee, scrumptious food, welcoming people and interesting crafts. You can be active, you can be inactive. You'll pick up a bit of Spanish, but you'll be understood in English. You can climb volcanoes and swim in the sea. Costa Rica just might be the perfect destination, take a look at our

90% of the time I am like this


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