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Why safaris are THE most rejuvenating travel experiences

In my (way too many to reveal) years of arranging African safaris, I have never had someone reply to my: “How was your trip?” query with an offhand, “Oh, yeah, um, it was um, good, thanks”.

Instead, responses vary from an instant invitation to view a 950 image photo album which has already been shared 48 times, to emotional tales of encounters with elephant families, elusive leopards and a new found commitment to save rhinos. To paraphrase that old Sara Lee commercial: no one doesn’t like a safari.

But what is about a safari that is so impactful? This is my answer: to go on safari is to recapture a childlike wonder of the world. On safari, even the most jaded, been-there-done-that traveler will:

Belly laugh at the sight of a young ellie trying to regain her footing after wallowing in the mud.

Feel comforted that the mama elephant knew exactly when it was time to extend a helping trunk – not too soon, though, because toddler ellies, like toddler people, want to try by themselves.

Wish they could jump in the river and play ‘I can hold my breath longer than you-ou’ with a bunch of snorty hippos.

Wiggle excitedly in their seats and demand “Where? Where?” when the ranger spies a pride of lion

Ask question after question about wildlife, and hang on every word of the answer

Feel conflicted to the point of tears when a cheetah is chasing an impala

Plead for just five more minutes when it’s time to go in for dinner

Give the warthogs who keep the grass trimmed at the lodge silly names

Fall asleep with a happy smile on their face at 9:00pm and wake up raring to go at 5:00am

Think this is overstated? Join our Kenya Giveback Safari and see for yourself ... I DOUBLE dare you.

Think this is overstated? Join our February-March Giveback safari in Kenya and see for yourself – I double dare you.

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