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Travel = Friendship

Though its a year away, I am already excited about our Amalfi walking trip, and not just because hiking is moving meditation and good for the soul (and a great excuse to have an extra helping of pasta). I'm excited because one of my oldest and staunchest friends is coming, too.

From opposite sides of the country, Barbara and I became acquainted over the phone, through our work. We formed a bond through almost daily phone calls, collaborating on projects, before we ever met in person. Eventually, we did meet, on a fun filled trip to New Zealand. We liked each other in person as much as we did telephonically and that trip turned a professional relationship into a personal one.

Over the 21 years that we have known each other, a lot of water has flowed under the bridges of our individual lives; miscarriages, a birth, the illness and loss of a spouse, a remarriage, parenting pride and anguish, and a lot of other 'stuff'. Through our calls, we managed to support each other, even over one period when we didn't get together in person for 8 years.

So, you can imagine how grateful I am that Barbara is ramping up her daily walks to be in good shape for the four stunning hikes that we will be doing on the Amalfi trip, including the legendary Walk of the Gods. I was hoping she would come along for the sightseeing and delicious regional food, wine and limoncello, but it will be so much more meaningful to stand together, resting, rewarded by sweeping coastal views after having hiked for several hours. A metaphor for our friendship.

Want to celebrate an existing friendship or create a new one? Join our Local Living Amalfi Coast women's trip, either on your own or with your bestie. Find friendship in travel.

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